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Jardín de Guarias and Zoo Ave

Located in La Garita, Alajuela, we can find two beautiful natural attractions. Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is a sanctuary, rescue and rehabilitation center, and botanic garden. You will be able to learn about this center's work to rehabilitate animals in their natural habitat. Moreover, at the Jardín de Guarias you will learn about this type of flora, which is our national flower: Guaria Morada.

Hacienda Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour and Rancho Amalia Horse Tour

In the middle of many coffee plantations, we find Naranjo. Its identity is no secret because just by looking at its scenic beauty we can see the vast amount of coffee plantations. Here, we can find several coffee-related micro-benefits, which make its townspeople proud since the coffee of these plantations have been awarded with cup of excellence. A horse ride will allow visitors to synergize along with nature and coffee.

La Ruta del Aguacate (Avocado Route)

Because of its scenic beauty and wonderful weather, Zarcero is a popular location for visitors. Not only is its central park a reason to visit the place, but we also invite you to visit "Ruta del Aguacate". This is a route near an estate that works in harmony with nature. You will learn about the sowing, harvesting, and care process of the avocado.

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