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The cultural colors of Sarchí & Naranjo



You can travel through the west region of the country easily in a day; for this reason, this tour option allows you to visit the most important towns that contribute to its identity.  

Sarchí is the country’s “Craddle of Handicrafts”, and it is recognized worldwide because of its handicrafts and wise craftspeople that share their knowledge to their communities. The certified guide will lead you through the town and visit the central park where you can find the biggest cart of the world, the Commemorative Monument to Craftspeople, and the town’s traditionally painted church with “colochos”. Later, you will visit the souvenir handicrafts industry that includes Eloy Alfaro’s Industry, and El Jardín (former Chaverri industry). There, you will meet William who is a craftsman that started his profession when he was 12 years old. After explaining the history related to the traditional Costa Rican cart of Sarchí, William will give you a painting lesson. The following location to visit will be Naranjo.

You will be able to visit the town popular for its amazing coffee and enjoy of its Nuestra Señora de las Piedades Basilica. An important fact to note is that the country counts with only 3 basilicas, and Naranjo has one of those. You will visit the market, the Monument to Coffee Growers, the Republic of Colombia School, the Virgin Lourdes grotto, and the building of the Municipal Palace that evokes the coffee season. You will visit Hacienda Espíritu Santo and enjoy a coffee tour that explains the process of sowing, harvesting, roasting, and packaging coffee as well as the chance of savoring this drink.

The following destination will be the theme park of fishing Tilapia and Trout, where you will enjoy a delicious lunch made with fresh products gathered by Flor.

After lunch, you can relax and interact with the barnyard animals or partake in artisanal fishing.

Tour Incluye
  • Touristic transportation 
  • Bilingual guide certified by I.C.T. (Costa Rican Institute of Tourism)
  • City tour in Sarchí, visit to the biggest cart in the world, Commemorative Monument to Craftspeople, town’s church, Eloy Alfaro Industry, El Jardín (former Chaverri industry)
  • Painting lessons with the craftsman William
  • Sarchí, Naranjo, and San Ramón tour 
  • Coffee tour in Hacienda Espíritu Santo 
  • Lunch at the theme park Los Arroyos
  • Civil liability insurance 
  • Respective taxes