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The Culture of Poets and Colors



The “Craddle Handicrafts” and the “City of the Poets” are the designated names of the most important towns in the West zone. We invite you to discover and live the “Unique Experience Between Mountains”.

The first destination of the tour is Sarchí, “Craddle of Handicrafts”. The guide will take you to the town where you can find the biggest oxcart in the world, the Commemorative Monument to Craftspeople, the town’s church painted with the famous “colochos” used in the painting of carts. Additionally, the tour includes the visit of two of the most famous handicrafts industries, Eloy Alfaro Industry which has been declared cultural heritage and El Jardín (former Chaverri industry). In this last destination, William, a craftsman and painter since he was 12 years old and, will tell you about the history of oxcarts and how the tradition of painting them in the traditional Sarchí style started. For an hour, you will be able to understand the art behind this marvelous process.

Once the visit in Sarchí is done, you will go to Naranjo. During this tour, you will appreciate the coffee plantations, which are part of this town’s identity. You will visit and enjoy lunch at a theme estate. There you will be able to fish a delicious and fresh Tilapia or Trout that, minutes later, will be served in your table. Moreover, you can find different lunch options to satisfy everyone’s likes and needs. If you are traveling with your family, you can enjoy the spaces with barnyard animals such as gooses, ducks, pheasant, and more. 

After this activity, the next tour stop will be the “City of Poets”, San Ramón. You will stay one night at the hotel La Posada, located in the center of the town. This place is certified as eco-friendly and sustainable. The next day after having breakfast, you will enjoy a city tour and visit the municipal market where you will get to know the stand of Olga and drink a delectable “chinchivi”, which is a sugarcane-based drink (characteristic of the region). 

You will also visit the José Figueres Ferrer Museum, the town’s church, the Commemorative Monument to the Herdsman, and the Monument of Education. You will also visit the small hotel of bees, which has granted the town with the title of “Bee Friendly Town”.

Later, after a walk through the mountains, you will reach Volio. There, a craft beer tour awaits you. You will learn the process of the making of said beer; its classification, ingredients, and best side dishes to enjoy it. Along with great music and a splendid natural scenic landscape, you will enjoy delicious side dishes provided by Beer Garden.

Tour Incluye
  • Touristic transportation
  • 1 night staying at the hotel La Posada in San Ramón
  • Breakfast
  • Bilingual guide certified by I.C.T. (Costa Rican Institute of Tourism)
  • City tour in Sarchí, visit to the biggest cart in the world, the Commemorative Monument to Craftspeople, the town’s church, Eloy Alfaro Industry, and El Jardín (former Chaverri industry)
  • Painting lessons with the craftsman William
  • Sarchí, Naranjo, and San Ramón tour
  • Lunch at the theme park Los Arroyos
  • San Ramón city tour, visit to the town’s church, José Figueres Ferrer Museum, Monument to Education, Commemorative Monument to Herdsman, the hotel of bees, and municipal market.
  • Craft beer tour with side dishes 
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Respective taxes