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Sightseeing in the West Who enjoys venturing into the mountains?

Written by Sofía Fonseca Bolaños -Hotel La Posada in San Ramón


Not all people enjoy touring and planning outings with their families or friends because they prefer to be calm at home and not go through the hassle of coordinating logistics of a trip, but it is always good to remember that there are other people who can take over the planning stage for us, and in RETO that’s exactly what we do.

By vacationing with our consortium of companies, you can experience and get to know an area of the country that few have the privilege of knowing. In the West area we offer you walks in the nature, rivers, coffee and strawberries plantations and the tradition of the oxcarts. In addition, we offer you microclimates, from the warm and sunny weather on a morning in Alajuela with breakfast at Hotel Airport Costa Rica Bed & Breakfast or the slightly cloudy sky and a little cold in Manada Coyote when taking the craft beer tour in Volio of San Ramon.

We are a consortium willing to work and support your adventures, in the West area we are known for being strategically located, we are in the center of the country and from there you can choose whether to continue touring it, or if you do not have many days left still get back home fully recharged from the weekend.

In the tour road that we plan for you, you will find mostly paved roads. This means you can travel with your own means of transportation, but if you do not have a way to get around, we can also coordinate transfers with private companies or recommend routes to use public transport.

Let’s go sightseeing in the West area! Join us on an authentic adventure between mountains.